5 Reasons for Immediate Tree Stump Removal

When you are considering having a tree in your property removed, it makes a lot of sense that you should also remove the stump. If you think, the tree stump should be left sitting there, here are 5 reasons it should not. Look at the website to know about our latest offers.?

  1. A tree Stump is an Eyesore.

Would you like to gaze into your yard with an old stump in the midst of your beautiful landscape? The sight of a stump is not appealing at all. It will appear worst when plants and weeds start growing within it. That is bound to happen over time.

If you want your landscape to look beautiful, decide on a tree stump removal.


  1. A Tree Stump Uses up Valuable Yard Space.

Everyone wants to have a yard clear of all nuisances. A trees stump is one such nuisance that gets in the way. The stump and its roots may occupy a lot of valuable space which could be used for a picnic table or perhaps a flower bed. This space can be valuable especially if your yard is not that large.


  1. A Tree Stump is Hazardous


Some stumps are clearly visible. Some stumps get hidden by tall grass, other plants in the area and weeds. When these tree stumps are not very visible, children or even adults can accidentally trip on them. Your toe can really hurt a lot when it stubs on a tree stump.


  1. A tree Stump Can Cause a New tree to Grow

Diseases are often the reason why trees are remove. Sometimes though, a tree is removed because the owner wants to have a clear yard. When a tree stump is not removed, new sprouts can grow and may eventually cause small trees to grow around the stump. ?

Removing the small trees is no guarantee that new shoots will not grow again. You may at some time need to use chemicals to completely kill them.

These small trees may also steal nutrients from plants surrounding them.


  1. A Tree Stumps Attracts Pests and Insects

A decaying tree stump attracts termites, beetles, ants and other pests which may spread inside your home.


Tree stump removal may cost some money but leaving it lying around in your yard will eventually cost you more money. Our professional?arborist are available ?to help you.?

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