How Much Does a Tree Trimming Service Cost?

If you have trees in your property, you need to have them trimmed once a year. Trimming will help keep your tree beautiful and healthy. Here are some other reasons why you need to trim your tree:

  • To have a better shape
  • To stimulate growth
  • To help absorb ?sun
  • To remove branches that may pose as hazards
  • To increase the circulation of air
  • To improve the health of the roots
  • To protect the tree from diseases

If you think that your tree needs to be trimmed, it would be wise to do it soonest. Procrastinating will not do your tree any good. Besides it is going to cost you more if more work needs to be done.

How much the trimming of your trees will cost depends on a number of factors:

  1. Type of tree


Trees with thick branches and overgrown limbs cost more to trim than small trees with thin branches. The reason of these being that smaller trees require less tome to trim. They also require lesser technical knowledge and skill.


  1. Size of the tree


The taller the tree the more dangerous it is for the tree expert. Taller trees also increase liability. Felling branches of taller trees require more expertise and advanced equipment to be safely trimmed. They also need more care.


The diameter of the tree also affects cost. Do not be surprised to be quoted more for a thicker but shorter tree than a slimmer and taller one. It takes more time to trim a thicker tree.


  1. Health of the Tree

It requires more work to trim a healthy tree than one with dying or dead limbs, thus there exist a corresponding price difference. ??A dead branch has lighter and brittle wood thus they are easier to trim. In short, it costs more to trim a healthy tree than an unhealthy one.

  1. Location of the Trees

If there are power lines entangled in the tree, it will cost more to trim than a freely standing tree. A tree that is leaning toward a fence or wall will also cost more to trim. These are so because it will take more time and additional care to keep both workers and your property safe.



  • Emergency Work


It is a given that any type of emergency work will definitely cost more than regular maintenance work.


Most Tree Trimming Services often have hourly rates. These rates vary depending on the equipment, skill and other measures required to trim a tree.

Most tree trimming services do not have set rates. Go to the official website, If you need their services, the company will send over a tree expert to estimate the scope of work that needs to be done so a realistic quote can be given to you.

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