Tree and Stump Removal

There are instances when tree removal is inevitable. Trees are removed when they are seriously damaged by a storm. Trees are also removed when they are dead, have diseases which can affect nearby trees. Trees are also removed when they start to become hazardous to life and property and when they become extremely difficult to manage. Go on the website to avail fast and reliable services.

Trees, especially the large ones are best removed by a professional tree removal service. They have the right skills and equipment to properly and safely remove a tree. They will also clear out the mess caused by the tree removal. You can also ask them to chop the tree into firewood.

Tree remove may sound easy but it actually is not especially when removing large trees. Other than the chain saws and cutting equipment, the tree removal team will also need equipment to reach the higher portion of the tree. This is where the ladders, working platforms and scaffoldings come in.

Trees need to be removed only by expert hands otherwise the job may cause damage to life and property.

When trees are removed, its stump gets left behind. Some homeowners opt not to have the tree stump removed together with the tree for some valid reasons:

  • Using heavy machines on the roots can damage the environment,
  • Using an oxidizer is a better option than stump removal because it costs less
  • Using an oxidizer will only affect a small area.

The downside though is it will take the chemical about two months to rot the stump. While waiting for the stump to rot, your yard will have to contend with an unsightly stump.

Most homeowners prefer stump removal to be done together with tree removal. With stump removal, the stump will be gone in a couple of days. While stump removal will leave a larger and deeper hole than when using chemicals, the hole it leaves behind can be filled in a few days.


Leaving a stump lying in your yard after tree removal can cause some danger. Someone can trip on the stump and hurt himself. Tree stumps can also be breeding grounds for insects and pests which can crawl over to other trees or even to your home. More importantly, a tree stump can trigger small and unruly trees to grow around them. Look at the website to contact our experts.?


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