Tree Trimming Boynton Beach

Tree Trimming Boynton Beach

Tree trimming services is the secret to a successful tree maintenance program. Trimming involves the removal of broken or dead limbs. The cost of trimming a tree depends on whether you all a professional or do it yourself.

Why Trim Trees

There are basically three reasons why your trees need to be trimmed.


Save healthy branches by trimming affected and dead limbs and branches. When a tree’s crown is trimmed, airflow is improved making it extremely beneficial to the tree.


Branches that rub or cross each other should be trimmed so they do not accidentally fall. Broken and dead limbs and branches can also fall at the least expected time. These are safety hazards that could be avoided if you have your trees trimmed regularly. When your tree seems to be almost hitting utility lines, the utility company can best handle this situation.


Regular trimming maintains the shape and aesthetic appearance of a tree.

Calling in the Professionals

Tree trimming is not just a matter of pulling out your garden tools and cutting off broken and dead limbs. Tree trimming is both a science and an art form. Tree trimming is a science because thorough understanding of trees, recognizing their flaws and expertly eliminating the defects without affecting the growth of the tree and causing permanent damage is important.

Tree trimming is an art form because it involves the proper removing of dead branches to aesthetically shape the tree to improve its appearance. If you have been trained and are skilled to scientifically and aesthetically trim your tree, it would cost you less to do it yourself. However, you need to be sure that the job you do will indeed enhance the growth and beauty of your tree rather than the reverse.

Arborists or tree surgeons as they are often called, have a thorough understanding of tree biology. They also have been trained to trim trees to give them aesthetic appeals. A professional tree trimming service should be able to provide you with these benefits:

  • A stronger and healthier tree with a longer life.
  • Almost no dangerous, unsightly and unhealthy limbs.
  • Makes trees more resistant to tree diseases and pests.
  • Allows the tree to get more sunlight or a better undergrowth.
  • Enhances tree strength to better withstand against strong winds and storms.
  • The Best Time to Call a Professional Tree Trimmer

    Always be observant of the trees in your yard so you know when to call a professional arborist. When you notice any of these, grab the phone and start the hiring process.

  • Your tree looks like it is about to hit power lines.
  • Tree branches are almost touching your home.
  • You notice unsightly and dead branches.
  • You notice branches loosely hanging from the tree.
  • Your tree has not been trimmed for over 2 years.
  • You need your tree to be shaped to make it have more aesthetic appeal.
  • How Much Does it Cost?

    The cost of a tree trimming service depends mainly on the size of the tree. Most tree trimming services categorized tree heights as 30 feet and shorter, 30 feet to 60 feet, 60 feet and taller, and cost their services accordingly. Location of the tree, time it was last trimmed and the current health of the tree also affect total cost. Professional tree trimming service can cost more than when your do the trimming yourself. The service they provide though are worth every dollar.

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