Stump Grinding

After tree removal what remains is an ugly stump. You can ignore that it is there but most homeowners want to get rid of the stump. Click here to remove ugly stumps.

There are 5 ways you can get rid of a stump from your landscape.


  1. Stump Removal Through Chemicals

You can find several stump removal chemicals in home garden centers. These chemicals allow the stump to quickly rot. Stumps rot fast because these chemicals contain potassium nitrate. Chemicals that are high in nitrogen allow bacteria to grow on the stump causing it to gradually decay. A decayed stump is easy to remove.

Holes are drilled on the stump. The chemicals are mixed with water and the mixture is placed on the holes. Once the stump is soft, an axe can be used to remove the stump. Keep children and pets away from the stump while waiting for the chemicals to work.


  1. Manually Removing the Stump

Never attempt to remove the stump together with its roots. This will take so much time. ?Expose the roots of the stump by digging a trench around the stump. The concept is to separate the roots from the stump so it can be easily removed.


  1. Using Fire to Remove Stump

Drill holes on the stump and fill them with fuel or kerosene. Never use gasoline. Wait for the stump to soak in the fuel or kerosene (about 1-2 weeks). Drop a match on each hole. The stump will burn for a few days until only a charred hole is left.

  1. Natural Removal

This method entails just simply waiting for the stump to decompose and rot. Mulch or fertilizer soil can be added to the stump so bacteria and fungus will cause the stump to quickly decay. Over time, the stump can be easily extracted from the ground.


  1. Stump Grinding

This is the fastest and probably the safest way of stump removal as long as it is done by a stump removal service.

With this method you will not need to wait for either days or months to get rid of the tree stump in your yard. Once the stump grinding service work on extracting the tree stump, it will be removed in a day or 2 at the most.

Stump grinding does not use any chemicals. ?It also does not use any fuel or kerosene. All that is needed are powerful equipment and skilled tree experts. Want to hire the experts,?check our official website.?


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