Palm Tree Experts

It can be tricky to take care of palm trees that is why they need the hands of palm tree experts. These experts have mastered the trimming, thinning and removal (when needed) of palm trees. Have a Look at our website to get more information about us.?

Palm trees do not require a lot of care but they still need care to be healthy and beautiful. Palm trees add a lot of beauty and value to properties. Since palm trees add a lot of beauty and value to properties, it is logical to engage the services of palm tree experts

Trimming a Palm Tree

Trimming is to palm trees what pruning is to trees, shrubs and bushes. Trimming a newly planted palm tree can be relatively easy. When palm trees have grown to its full size, trimming can already be extremely challenging. The level of difficulty of trimming/pruning a palm tree depends on its size, shape and variety.

When to Trim Palm Trees

There are signs to look out for to know it is time to trim/prune your palm trees. It is not advisable to prune palm trees every so often, thou.

  • The leaves start to discolor (brown or yellow).
  • Petioles (stalk that connects a leaf to a steam) start to loosen and can easily be pulled off by your hands.

The less you prune your palm trees, the better it is for the tree. Too much pruning will cause the tree more harm than good. Too much pruning will hinder the growth of the tree because you will be cutting off the old and young fronds (leaf of palm trees).

The leaves of the palm tree is its source of nutrients. The palm tree is also dependent on its leaves for chlorophyll production which is important for its health. It is best to prune palm trees only once a year.

Calling the Experts

Palm trees always stand out from among other trees because of their shape and size. To maintain its beauty and health is important that you take proper care of your palm tree.

Palm trees should also be trimmed when they are starting to be a hazard. ?Palm trees grow to be tall and their outer layers can easily shed during extreme weather conditions. Before you attempt to trim them yourselves, make sure you have the expertise and the tools needed.

It can be difficult to climb palm trees and a challenge to clean without the right tools. It would be a good decision to hire palm tree experts.

Palm tree experts have all the needed expertise and tools to safely trim and cut your palm trees. Whether they are starting to die or are getting in the way, these experts can bring them back to their original beauty and health. When needed, they can also safely remove the palm tree.

Most palm tree experts are licensed, bonded and insured so you do not have to worry about anything. Being licensed by the International Society of Arboriculture is an assurance that they are updated with the knowledge and skills to rake good care of your palm trees. Want to hire our experts, have a Look at our website.?

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