Local Tree Experts

Local Tree Experts

Some tree care terminologies can be confusing. Take the case of arborist versus tree expert. When you ask a person if he is an arborist, a possible answer could be, ?Yes, I am a tree expert.?

Actually, the term ?arborist? generally means ?a tree expert.? ?There are no credentials attached to the title.

However when an individual says that he is a certified arborist, it means that he is recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture, an international organization of tree care specialists.

If you have trees in your property, it is important that you know how to distinguish tree care terminologies. There are instances when a terminology, used differently can affect prices and offered services. It is however safe to say that based on definition, an arborist is a tree expert.

  • Arborist

Arborists care for privately owned individual trees as compared to urban and municipal foresters who manages public trees in a community.


  • Practicing Arborist


A practicing arborist is often referred to as a commercial arborist. This is the type of arborist that first comes to mind of most consumers when they hear the term ?arborist.?

A practicing arborist may do such things as planting, pruning, application of fertilizers/pesticides and tree removal.

  • ISA Certified Arborist

Attaching the words ?ISA Certified Arborist? to a tree expert?s name gives him a lot of legitimacy. This means he has had formal tree care education and training. More importantly his education and skills/training are recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). He is formally recognized as a tree expert who can safely work on general tree care jobs.

An arborist can also be granted an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA) certification. This is the highest certification level the ISA can grant to an arborist. This certification means the certified arborist has reached the top level of tree care knowledge and skill.

Aside from passing a comprehensive examination, the certified arborist must also passed a thorough scenario-based examination.

The ISA also issues certification for specialized areas in tree care. ?An ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) arborist is an expert in the systematic and standardized methods of tree risk assessments.


  • Consulting Arborists

Consulting arborist are different from practicing arborists in the sense that they do not do physical work but only consultancy work.

Consulting arborists offer these services:

  • Recommends how to maintain the safety and health of trees
  • Provide expert opinion on tree care
  • Appraising tree value
  • Tree risk assessments
  • Support services(expert witness testimonies) ?for litigation purposes

A practicing arborists can also make recommendations pertaining to tree care. This is often part of the free estimate. But since practicing arborists are working on ?closing a sale,? there exists a possible conflict of interest.

Consulting arborists may have any of the ISA certifications (Certified Arborist / Certified Master Arborist). Additionally consulting arborists are often registered with the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA). Go on the website to contact us.?


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