Delray Beach Tree Trimming

Tree trimming or pruning is a process trees need to go through from planting to removal, in short throughout their lifetime. Check our professional website to get more detail about it.?

Tree trimming is important to young trees. As a matter of fact, trees need to be trimmed after they have been properly planted.

It is important to note that proper tree trimming will give you a beautiful, healthy and safe tree. Properly trimmed trees are also easier to maintain.

Proper trimming in the early years of a tree will be the basis of its strength, shape and how long it will leave.

You can do tree trimming yourself if you have the basic skill and the required tools. If you are uncertain on the proper and safe way to do tree trimming, it will be wise to leave the task to a delray beach tree trimming service.

Whether you want to do tree trimming yourself, or entrust the job to the experts, it is wise to know about the tree trimming process. You decided to plant trees in your property. It is your responsibility to keep them beautiful, healthy and safe.

Young Trees

Proper trimming or pruning of young trees is important to enable the tree to develop a stable structure and a nice form. Trees that have been properly pruned when they were young will not need too much pruning to correct certain structures when they mature.

Before attempting to prune a young tree, you need to understand certain basic principles:

  • Always have a clear purpose why a cut has to be made. Each cut may affect how the tree grows.
  • Improper pruning can damage the tree for life. It is therefore important to use the right techniques, pick the right pruning shears, and know how and where to make the cuts.
  • Trees do not heal and wounds stay on the tree for life.
  • Making small cuts are much better than large cuts because they cause less damage. This is exactly why proper pruning of young trees is essential because mature trees will require bigger cuts.


Mature Trees

Pruning is the most common procedure in tree maintenance. Each branch should be cut only for a valid reasons. These reasons dictate why and when trees need to be pruned.

  • To remove dead and diseased branches.
  • To remove crowding limbs
  • To remove branches that pose as hazards.
  • For corrective measures
  • For beauty and good health


Pruning Techniques

Mature trees need to be pruned to keep them attractive, healthy and safe. Here are the types of pruning ideal for mature trees:

  • Cleaning. This involves removing dead, diseased and dying branches. Branches that are weakly attached from the crown of the tree also needs to be pruned.
  • Raising. This involves removing the lower branches to prevent the tree from being an obstruction to homes, buildings, pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Thinning. This involves selectively removing branches to enhance air movement and light penetration to the crown.
  • Reduction. This involves reducing the size of the tree. This is often done to prevent the tree from getting on the way of utility lines.


How much should be pruned depends on why the tree is being pruned. The removal of living tissues (higher percentage) can be better tolerated by younger trees. It is also important to remember that trees can recover faster from a lot of small wounds than one large wound from the pruning process.

Mature trees should not be pruned too much. Pruning of mature trees should as much as possible only be for removing dead and hazardous branches.

Pruning large and mature trees can be dangerous. There are simple pruning processes, such as when done on a young tree, that you can do yourself. When power equipment already needs to be used, it is best to hire delray beach tree trimming services.

Arborists of a tree trimming service can determine the proper trimming technique to improve the beauty, health and safety of your tree. Check here to hire our professional.?

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